Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wednesday 16th April - Thank you

The morning proceeded as normal. After a satisfying breakfast, we went for our practice at St Thomas', the vicar came and talked to us, and ate his own home-made 'dog food', (which consisted of fruit, chocolate and jelly) as well as offering it to some of the boys! We visited Pickwicks and got sweets for the boat journey the next day. The practice went very well and we returned to the hotel to have our lunch.
The Head Choristers, Team Leaders and some other senior boys went to the Venture Centre in the afternoon whilst the other boys went to the boating lake. At the Venture Centre, we did archery, shooting and the assault course; we all got muddy and wet! The other boys went on pedalos in Mooragh Park and also went to the beach where they had a game of football.
When everyone got back to the hotel, we started packing our suitcases, then had our tea before setting off to St Thomas 's again for our final service. Max C sung an extremely good solo, and we presented the church with a gift from all the boys.
We then had supper before finishing our packing and going to bed.
It has to be said that this has been a brilliant week, all the boys have thoroughly enjoyed it, this has been most evident in the extremely high standard of singing, and everyone is already excited about returning next year. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff for all their work throughout the week and for making this trip possible and to everyone at Isle of Man for extending such a warm welcome.
Jacob B
Head Chorister

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tuesday 15th April - A Present for Pickwicks

We followed the usual morning routine and then headed off to St Thomas' for our practice. The vicar came and gave us a talk and challenged Tom H to 'catch a five pound note' which he had dropped, and after several attempts, he managed to catch it. Mr Catterall taught us all how to conduct music as well, so I guess we won't be needing him anymore! Sam K went down and presented the lovely lady who owns Pickwicks with a choir mouse, knitted by Mrs Cross' fair hands. We then had free time and the boys either went to town or stayed at the hotel, as the tide was too far in to play football on the beach.
For lunch, we had Chicken Korma or Salad, which was very tasty. We then travelled to Laxey where we visited Laxey Wheel. We ascended up to the top which was rather scary, and we also went a little way into the mine which had been used between 1780s and 1930s. We went to the beach for a little while and ate ice cream - even Mrs Stockdale had one! We also built a very large pile of rocks.
After that, we had a practice at All Saints' which went very well, and then we got suited up before our evening meal, which was pork or fish pie. The Archdeacon of Man took the service and Dominic T sung a very impressive solo. We were given cakes, drinks and biscuits after the service by the kind people at All Saints' and then we returned to the hotel. It was entertainment evening in the dining area and some of the younger boys danced before going to bed.
Jacob B
Head Chorister

Monday 14th April - Manx Radio Interview

We woke up at 7:45 and the usual morning routine followed - walk, breakfast, room inspection and bank. We also had our usual practice at St Thomas', which was followed by the daily tradition of a visit to Pickwicks.  In the second half of the practice, we were recorded singing for the local radio and several boys were questioned about their time in the Isle of Man. If you want to listen to the interview, you can find it on the Manx Radio website, in their Tuesday's section, Mandate AM ... all will become clear when you visit Manx Radio's website!
Because of the excellent morning practice, we had extended free time. The boys either went to town, the hotel or the beach. For lunch we had mince with potato or a ham, cheese or beef salad.
After lunch, we had the choice of swimming or a walk up South Barrule. The walk was amazing and you could see almost the whole island from the summit. Swimming was also great fun - the boys played on the floats and went down the waterslides.
We then had a practice at St Matthew's Church before returning to the hotel for our tea which was fish or chicken with loads of chips! 
The service followed, and during the Magnificat, incense was burned at the altar to make it holy. Ben H sang an excellent solo and Mr Catterall said it was the best service yet.
We then chatted in the vestry and had some refreshments before returning to the hotel, having some more refreshments and then going to bed.

Jacob B
Head Chorister

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday 13th April - A Feast at Ramsey

We were woken at 7:45 and the early risers went, once again, for a short stroll along the promenade. We had a similar breakfast to yesterday - delicious as usual. The staff standards were announced for the choiristers, which were very controversial and then we hurried upstairs to make our rooms spotless - just as they are at home!
We received our money from the bank for the day and t
hen the minibuses shuttled us off to St Thomas' for a short practice, which passed quickly and without error. We only had a short break between the practice and morning service so the boys ran down to Pickwicks and just bought whatever was on the shelf in front of them! Everyone sang well in the service and tried hard, the Bishop's choristers sang 'Ex Ore Innocentium' and the people who had birthdays in April were given a present.
After the service, we returned to the hotel to be greeted by a mouth-watering Sunday roast. We were then driven to Laxey, we spent a while on the beach there. There were opportunities to play football, rebuild the tidal defences, eat even more ice-cream and go rock-pooling, Mr Marsh nearly fell into the sea.
We travelled to Ramsey where the lovely people of St Paul's had prepared a delicious feast for us all. Everybody was stuffed to the brim and still more food was laid out in front of us! After that, we practiced in the church, which was followed by the service. Sam W stepped forward to sing the responses and sang them very well. Some of the boys had fun tying Mr Catterall to a chair with rope in the sermon and Jarod D sang a fantastic solo.
We drove back to Ramsey via the TT course, then ate the left-over Ramsey tea before retiring to bed.
Jacob B
Head Chorister

Saturday 12th April - Delicious Birthday Cake

We were all woken up at 7:45 on Saturday 12th. Those who managed to drag themselves out of bed and downstairs quickly enough went for a walk on the promenade. Then we had breakfast which included cereal and fruit juice with the choice of a full traditional breakfast or kippers. After breakfast, we all frantically rushed upstairs to prepare for room inspection. Next banking ... we received our funding for the day.
The minibuses transported us to St. Thomas' where we had our first practice of the course and the Vicar came and talked to us about our ministry as church choristers. The practice went very well and during the break we visited the local shop, Pickwicks, where everyone stocked up on sweets for the week. After the practice we had some free time in which the boys either went to town to explore, played football on the beach or socialised in the hotel. We had a chicken burger or a salad for lunch and sang "Happy Birthday" to Thomas W ... who was presented with a beautifully decorated lego themed cake.

In the afternoon we visited the beach at Peel. The sun came out and we had a great time playing football, building giant trenches and sandcastles and eating ice-cream by the bucketful! We then travelled to Peel Cathedral for a tea of sausage and chips. Sam and Mr Catterall were both on the prowl, scavenging for chips off unsuspecting boys.
We practiced in the Cathedral before the service. The readers of lessons and prayers spoke very well and Matthew B sang an excellent solo at the end.
When we got back to the hotel we tucked into Thomas' delicious birthday cake before heading to bed.

Jacob B
Head Chorister


Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday 11th April - The Crossing

The day started with a very smooth crossing across the Irish Sea. No fatalities occurred; all was good. The boys took the opportunity to play on their gadgets and indulge in their piles of sweets. We were escorted to the hotel by the friendly people from St Thomas’, then unpacked and had the ever-familiar briefing from Mr Catterall. Most of the boys were driven in the minibus to Groudle Glen, where we went for a refreshing coastal walk and saw the remnants of a small zoo. On the walk back, we found a little shelter where we spontaneously sang some campfire songs. A few of the boys got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit J.C.'s luxurious seafront bachelor pad where they picked up Mr Catterall's second car, Gloria. After the campfire songs, we boarded a tram back to Douglas. We then, after cleaning our hands with the 'squirty stuff', tucked into our delicious three course meal. After tea, we got the minibus to St Thomas' Church and practiced processing before walking back along the promenade to the hotel. We had some pre-bedtime biscuits and juice, and almost everyone used the hotel's free wifi. We then went to bed.

Jacob B
Head Chorister

Broughton Choir at Isle of Man 2014

Hope you are able to join us for the following services ...

Sat 12th April     St German’s Cathedral, Peel - Evensong  7.30pm

Sun 13th April    Palm Sunday Service, St Thomas Douglas 11.00am
Sun 13th April    St Paul's, Ramsey – Evensong  6.30pm
Mon 14th April St Matthew, Douglas – Evensong  8.00pm
Tue 15th April    All Saints, Douglas – Evensong 8.00pm
Wed 16th April  St Thomas – Evensong  8.00pm

Mr Catterall MBE, Choirmaster